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FDR loved martinis, was a sloppy mixer and he even occasionally used unconventional ingredients in his. Some of those items were anisette or fruit juice. Richard Nixon was another martini lover and liked his about seven to one. It is reported he was drinking a martini the night the Watergate crisis drove him from office.

The famous writer Ernest Hemingway also loved Martinis and his favorite was The Montgomery after the WW2 British Field Marshall who liked his odds on the battlefield to be15-1. Since Hemingway liked his ratio of gin to vermouth 15-1 he was known to always ask for Montgomerys.

WC Fields would start the day with two double martinis. He would have one before and one after breakfast. He was also known to take an oversized cocktail shaker full of Martinis to the studio for the days shoot. He drank about two quarts of gin a day.

James Bond is probably the most famous person associated with
a Martini. He always asked for it to be Large and very strong and very well made. More precisely Shaken and not stirred. The Martini called The Vesper is named after a beautiful blond double agent called Vesper Lynd.

Hawkeye, Trapper and B.J. in M*A*S*H made their own gin to make martini(s) in a
still in the Swamp. In the first-season episode "Chief Surgeon Who?", Hawkeye declares, "Actually, I'm pursuing my lifelong quest for the perfect, the absolutely dryest martini to be found in this or any other world. And I *think* I may have hit upon the perfect formula." Upon hearing this, Trapper asks, "Five-to-one?" Hawkeye replies, "Not quite. You pour six jiggers of gin, and you drink it while staring at a picture of Lorenzo Schwartz, the inventor of vermouth." (This is inaccurate, though, as vermouth was actually developed by Antonio Benedetto Carpano.)

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